Rates and Packages


Texas Counseling operates on a fee-for-service basis.

Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. 

If you need a fee structure that fits your unique circumstances and budget, consider the following options:

Purchasing a package of sessions (below)

Adjusting the frequency and/or length of appointments

Asking for referrals to other therapists or community agencies that offer a lower scale option

 Galit Ribakoff, M.S., LPC-S, NCC

*On May 1. 2021 there will be a rate increase*


Initial individual session (45 minutes) $175 *(CC $179.81)

Each subsequent session for individuals (45 minutes) $150 *(CC 154.13)

Couples session (45 minutes) $175 *(CC $179.81)

Family session (45 minutes) $175 *(CC $179.81)


Economical packages available (only for standard rates):

Individual Counseling Sessions

3 individual counseling sessions is $435 ($15 savings)

*(CC $446.96)

6 individual counseling sessions is $852 ($48 savings)

*(CC $875.43)

 8 sessions individual sessions is $1,128 ($72 savings)

*(CC $1159.02)

Couples/Family Counseling Sessions

3 couples/family counseling sessions is $516 ($12 savings)

*(CC $530.19)

6 couples/family counseling sessions is $1026 ($24 savings)

*(CC $1054.22)

8  couples/family sessions is $1,360 ($40 savings)

*(CC $1397.40)

Additional 20 minutes to each session:

Individual $50 *(CC $51.38)

Couple $60 *(CC $61.65)
Group Counseling Sessions

12 sessions group therapy package is $690 ($30 savings) 
(at $60 a session) 
Refer a friend to group and save an additional $30 for each client, who signs up for the same value package. 
3 hour workshop for a couple $480 ($45 savings)
3 hour workshop for 3 or more couples (Each couple) $455 
($70 savings)


Texas Counseling provides receipts for insurance reimbursement for eligible clients.

Texas Counseling is accepted under an out-of-network benefits.

Check with your insurance company for coverage.

*Accept Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards


Please submit payment below.

*For all credit card payments, please refer to the payment list for CC above, or add 2.75%.

Thank you for your payment.