Being a parent brings about an array of challenges.

Having guidance to ensure that you highlight your child's

potential while conquering the challenges is invaluable. 

Galit offers a supportive environment with a plethora of tools, guiding

you through the growing pains and dynamic changes in the family.

The tools and modifications address healthy boundaries, positive

reinforcements, balance, self care, and avoiding crisis, healthy

communication and engagement.

The parenting skills that you will learn with help with all ages. This

special program is geared towards the individual parents and

incorporates existing parenting skills and styles.

Your children will benefit from a healthy and positive structure, and will

learn to self regulate while increasing their Independence.

The goal of this unique program is to enrich the parents and empower

them to create harmony in home and reduce conflict. Galit will help you

shape your path as a parent with realistic expectations and a hopeful