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Rates and Packages

Texas Counseling operates on a fee-for-service basis.

Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. 

If you need a fee structure that fits your unique circumstances and budget, consider the following options:

Purchase a package of sessions (below)

Adjusting the frequency and/or length of appointments

Asking for referrals to other therapists or community agencies that offer a lower scale option

         Please Note a Rate Increase on March 1, 2024*


Initial individual session (45 minutes) $190 *(CC $195.40)

Each subsequent session for individuals (45 minutes) $165 *(CC $169.70)

Couples session (45 minutes) $190 *(CC $195.40)

Family session (45 minutes) $190 *(CC $195.40)

Discounted Packages

Economical packages available (only for standard rates):

Individual Counseling Sessions

3 individual counseling sessions is $480 ($15 savings) *(CC $493.68)

6 individual counseling sessions is $950 ($40 savings) *(CC $977.08)

8 sessions individual sessions is $1260 ($60 savings) *(CC $1295.91)

Couples/Family Counseling Sessions

3 couples/family counseling sessions is $555 ($15 savings) *(CC $570.82)

6 couples/family counseling sessions is $1110 ($30 savings) *(CC $1141.64)

8 couples/family sessions is $1,470 ($50 savings) *(CC $1511.90)

Additional 20 minutes to each session:

Individual $55 *(CC $56.57)

Couple $60 *(CC $61.65)

Group Counseling Sessions

12 sessions group therapy package is $690 ($30 savings) (at $65 a session)

Refer a friend to group and save an additional $30 for each client, who signs up for the same value package.


3 hour workshop for a couple $480 ($45 savings)

3 hour workshop for 3 or more couples (Each couple) $455 ($70 savings)



Texas Counseling provides receipts for insurance reimbursement for eligible clients.

Texas Counseling is accepted under out-of-network benefits.

Please check with your insurance company for coverage.

*Accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, and Zelle



Please use my email address to submit payments via Zelle.

Credit Card

For Credit Card Payments, please press the button below:

*For all credit card payments, please refer to the payment list for CC above, or add 2.85%.

Thank you for your payment.

*Rate Increase Notice: Effective March 1st, 2024 rates for services are increasing. The new hourly rate will be $190 for an Individual 45-50 minute session, and $210 for a Couples/Family 45-50 minute session. This increase is in effect on March 1, 2024 for new clients. Old rates are extended until May 1, 2024 for current clients. This rate increase reflects inflation and follows market rates. Please plan accordingly.

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