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Transform Your Relationship

in just 3 days*

Guided by an experienced Therapist

Rejuvenate and Connect

Add zest to your relationship

Get easy communication tools

More Intimacy

Less Conflict

Relationship retreats include an intensive workshop, downtime to practice what you learned, and fun activities and exercises.

These specially tailored retreats are created for couples, who want to make an effort to learn new tools to strengthen their bond and relationship.

Our retreats give each couple a chance to get away from the daily routine of work, children, and chores, and focus on building a healthier dynamic between mates.

This ultimate experience combines individualized couple therapy, and small group workshops, to address the specific areas of communication, intimacy, and sex.  

The retreat is geared to meet your needs at any relationship stage. You will engage in different experiences, activities, and exercises together and separately to address your needs, resulting in a stronger bond.  

*4-5 day retreats available.

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