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Groups and Workshops

Groups are not available during this time of the pandemic. Stay healthy and safe.


Affordable Women's Group Workshop

open for new enrollment

*Special Package*

12 sessions Group therapy package for $450 ($30 savings)

(at less than $40 a session per a person)

Women's Issues Groups

Facilitating an open Women's Issues groups and workshops, and helping women achieve self growth.

Workshops and groups include:

  • self acceptance
  • understanding control
  • relaxation
  • positive thinking
  • Healthy relationships
  • Communication skills  

 Sex and Intimacy Workshops 

for groups, couples, women, and men

Using a creative and educational method, you will learn easy and useful ideas to keep the flame burning by setting up the scene to enhancing pleasure.

Learn about: 

  • Setting up the scene
  • Erogenous Zones
  • Ideas and Toys
  • and much more

Parenting groups

Leading parenting groups and workshops, and helping struggling parents achieve healthier relationships with their teenagers and younger children. Using psychological assessments to facilitate better understanding, leading to the creation of a more cohesive family unit.

Learn how to: 

  • Gain healthy parental authority
  • Set boundaries and rules without power struggles
  • Deal with sibling rivalry
  • Guide the children to choose
  • Give appropriate encouragement
  • Strengthen the child's self confidence
  • Say "no" without a guilty feeling
  • Deal with difficult behaviors
  • Differentiate rewarding from spoiling
  • Differentiate punishment from consequences 

Substance Abuse groups and educational workshops

Facilitating a substance abuse group to help with the challenges and struggles of cravings, trust, and other related issues, leading to a positive, clean, and sober life, while using a creative, educational, and inclusive approach. Family support and education are available as well, to enrich this counseling process.

Space is limited.  


* Host an evening workshop and save *  

Get a few of your friends together for a few hours of helpful tips of how to make life easier. With lower cost to host, enjoy an invaluable evening with friends, getting burning questions answered. An experienced professional will openly answer questions about sex, relationships, and parenting, and many other issues. 

New Workshops Available

Children/Teen Parenting Made Easier - parenting workshop

Getting What I Always Wanted - women's empowerment

Keeping the Flame Burning- Couples' Workshops

Intimacy and Sex Workshop for groups, couples,

women, and men.

Increase your employees' production/Reduce Burnout 

Business lectures and workshops are available, to increase your employees' production and self-care, targeting leadership, burnout, motivation, conflict resolution, motivational interviewing, boundaries, and others. 

Evening and Weekends

Reasonable rates

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